Visual Basic Setup Wizard
An Open source setup wizard

What is Visual Basic Setup Wizard

Visual Basic Setup Wizard is a kind of clone of Microsoft Package and Deployment Wizard. It doesn't have all the same functions, for example, unlike Microsoft Package and Deployment Wizard, VB Setup Wizard doesn't produce the Dependency files. Although this may be changed in feature releases.

Visual Basic Setup Wizard is released under the GNU General Public License which allows anyone to download the source code, modify it and redistribute their own version. Just remember, that this is the only official site for Visual Basic Setup Wizard. For more information on the GNU General Public License, please visit, or go to for the license.

Why Create your own version?

Good question. The answer, why not!

In time, I am planning to produce an Install and Uninstall program which will hopefully be customisable using this Setup Wizard, ie, give you the chance to include an End User License agreement, for example.

Once I have those ideas up and running, between all the visual basic developers that wish to get involved, we may even be able to produce a product which may be as good as the commercially available ones. Its possible!


OK, there is no real difference between Visual Basic Setup Wizard and Microsoft Package and Deployment Wizard. The only real difference is you are able to select the default install directory for your users, for example, C:\Program Files\ProgName.